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 David Abrams 

Welcome to CNY Café Momus, an online classical music, opera & theater review site dedicated to providing informed, meaningful and well-crafted critiques to readers across the globe, including right here in Central New York.  Ours is a non-commercial enterprise that carries no advertising, earns no revenues and solicits no contributions: All writers on the site perform their services gratis, and I alone bear the costs of designing and maintaining the current website and its related blog that carries the critiques.  Most of the critiques you'll find at the blog are written by me, along with my team of experienced contributing writers chosen from among the most respected names in the CNY arts community.

Our dedicated writers began donating their time, energy and industry initially to help re-ignite interest in the musical arts here in Central New York — which in the face of ever-
shrinking coverage in the local print media sadly continues its steady decrescendo to that of a whisper.  Somewhere along the way, however, our readership has blossomed into what is now an international following spanning some 60 different countries.  

Our opera reviews are especially popular with international audiences.  We currently cover Metropolitan Opera performances (both live and HD Broadcasts), Glimmerglass Music Festival operas and Syracuse Opera productions.  Also included in our coverage are a variety of chamber music organizations, including Syracuse Friends of Chamber Music, Civic Morning Musicals and the Cooperstown Summer Music Festival.  Occasionally we review new classical music CD releases, opera films and book reviews.  You'll find sev
eral of our reviews cross-posted at
Musical Criticism dot-com, The Opera Critic dot-comClassissima dot-com , Opera Today dot-com and Instant Encore dot-com

Above all, CNY Café Momus is a place for serious discourse on the musical arts and theater for the benefit of arts lovers everywhere, with the aim of building bridges linking the audience with the artistic experience. 
It is my sincere hope that you will find these critiques, book reviews and CD reviews informative, enlightening, well-crafted and thought-provoking: something capable of igniting passion and generating meaningful discussion among within a café-like setting where all opinions are welcome and encouraged.  This is, after all, a café for people unafraid to voice their opinions and willing to share their experiences with others.  

We invite you to support this project by adding your voice in the comments section following each critique posted.   If you prefer to email me directly, please do so at